in the regular season, too. New Fantasy Lineup & Waiver Ideas. 10 Fantasy-Relevant 2023 Rookies: A First Look, 2023 Available Targets and Air Yards Tracker, 12 Last-Place Punishments for Your Fantasy League. This increases scoring, raises the value of quarterbacks, and adds in an easily digestible spark to your stale league. Give your league a theme. Player Rankings. Charch and Brian break down their favorite prop and DFS plays for the four divisional round games. Another fun Fantasy Football league idea is to have your waivers play out on Twitter! Mobile QBs: How much do they really help? To help ease your nerves, we've put together this . The Challenge is simple: Assemble a team and set your . Gannett may earn revenue from sports betting operators for audience referrals to betting services. Are you enduring a bowel-loosening level of existential dread over the six games with arctic conditions? You could also decide to do a lower sandwich pick, depending on the injury bust. Should you trade him away? at And as far as keepers go, you can always make rules to support the keeper rule. In the event of a tie breaker, winner goes to the team with the most points. So while everyone else is holding over three players, they only get to hold over two. It's the final week of the regular season for most leagues and that means it's a win-and-in week for many of you. Some league services, like, has league histories, which includes stuff like the standings every year, the draft results, the owner records versus other owners, and assorted other records, like highest points scored in a season, etc. . Should you trade for him? Commissioners are usually the linchpins to the entire league, so it stands to reason that if they get some new ideas, they can be the stimulus to get the rest of the league to join. Now, McClure has turned his attention to the 2023 NFL Playoff Challenge and locked in his topFantasy footballpicks. WEEK 1: Humblebrag - Team with a FLEX that scores the most fantasy points without having a TD (players with a TD are not eligible to be counted) WEEK 2: Better Be Better - Subtract last week's score from this weeks, the team with the highest remaining score wins. Explore video highlights, scoring, custom leagues and more for your NFL Fantasy league. There was also the risk of picking a player that didnt decide to enter the NFL Draft, only to go back to school for the next season. Also, you should consider setting up rules that teams can only have one college player on their team at a time, and if you pick a college player one year, you cant pick a college player the next year. In the two leagues I run, I like to group the standings with owners who may be closer to one another, maybe went to school together or are related. The Fantasy draft lottery is always a fun event, and commissioners should think about changing how the draft order is chosen every year. We've arrived at a stage of the season where the sabotage drop is becoming a viable strategy. The wild card wannabees have been eliminated and the remainingteams are legit. Awesome game-day features let you track and watch all your favorite players. Take your score from last week and subtract it from this weeks score. You're either in contention or rebuilding so there is always a reason to trade. Ive been doing this for what seems like forever, and Ive seen typical leagues and leagues with different sets of rules, so here are some of my top ideas for keeping your fantasy league going strong. Hes the accountant you all better trust! The NFFC figured out that those lucky owners with the first few picks of the drafts were finishing much higher than those with later first-round picks. Week 8 - Blow Out - Team that wins with . And awesome, all at once! The - Safety dance. 10%. Owners draft college and high school football players for their Devy Leagues, along with regular NFL players. WEEK 9. Scott Fish and Paul Charchian provide fantasy guidance for the Super Bowl and offer insight for dynasty managers contemplating trading some of the league's biggest names. For example, the owner with the 12th pick would now also have the 13th pick, and the 25th pick. NFL conference championship positional fantasy football rankings. Yes, this includes kickers), Week 13: Bend it Like Beckham: Highest combined yardage of all made Field Goals (XP do not count). 2004-2023 CBS Interactive. Lets face it, Fantasy Football and video games go together pretty easily, so why not combine the two? The order of the draft will be randomly generated between midnight and 6:00 AM ET either the day of, the day before or for leagues drafting on the current day, once your league aggregates and no later than 5 minutes prior to the draft. 9:49 am ET. Week 2: Show Me Your TD's - Highest total touchdowns scored. I incorporated weekly winnings in 2 leagues and everybody has loved them for the past 3-5 years. How about having four wide receivers and no flex, then you can add a third running back slot, too. Quickly enter a contest any time before the lineup lock. Play the #1 Playoff challenge with NFL Fantasy league. New episodes are available every Friday evening featuring previews of the upcoming NFL schedule. Tape the sign to the front of the box. Play ESPN fantasy football for free. They are there to have fun on draft day, be competitive and win, and maybe talk trash. Week 1 Top Scorer - Bench points not included, Week 2 Worst Luck - Highest Scoring Team that Lost, Week 3 Bench Warmers Team with the most points from their bench (Only 1 QB points included), Week 4 Run Forest Run! In the mid- to late-90s, we had several great college players end up on bad teams, helping improve them considerably the next year. WEEK 16. What if you set up your 12-team league so that every single week, each team plays against each of the 11 other teams. 4. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Consolation Prize: worst bench decision (outscored a starter of the same position). The loser must approach strangers in a busy downtown area and stand silently in front of them, hoping for a donation. In the past 20 years, players like Kurt Warner (1999), Alfred Morris (2012), Justin Forsett (2014) and Dak Prescott (2016) all ended up being great waiver-wire pickups at the beginning of their seasons. Everyone understands that the Fantasy playoffs have an awful lot of luck involved, and the team that scores the most Fantasy points during the regular season is the best team of the year. Pick from your favorite NFL stars each week. Build and Manage Your Teams All Year Long. WEEK 3: Almost but No - Highest scoring losing team. Through the years, the major changes to Fantasy Football leagues come to the lineups (flex positions, WR3s, QB2, super-flex, etc.). Let those players build up for a couple weeks and have a Week 3 Supplemental Draft! 1% Picked. Cash prizes based on your cumulative score for the season. WEEK 1: Humblebrag - Team with a FLEX that scores the most fantasy points without having a TD (players with a TD are not eligible to be counted), WEEK 2: Better Be Better - Subtract last week's score from this weeks, the team with the highest remaining score wins, WEEK 3: Almost but No - Highest scoring losing team, WEEK 4: Forgot About Byes - Team with the biggest drop in total weekly score from Week 3 to Week 4 (no empty starters allowed), WEEK 5: Hands Team - Team with the highest combined number of receptions among all started WR's, WEEK 6: Close Shave Team that beats its opponent by the smallest margin of victory, WEEK 7: Halftime - Team with the most total league points after 7 weeks, WEEK 8: Gronk Memorial Challenge - TE with closest to 87 yards. 2. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE. Its nice to get everyone involved again, and reward some Fantasy owners that didnt make the playoffs. I started a four-sport experts league back in 2001, and Engel was in charge of the team (SportsLine back then). See who else to pick here. When a quarterback gets injured in the first quarter, they dont play the rest of that game without a quarterback, they bring in a backup quarterback! WEEK 2. Defensive/Special Teams Conversion Scoring: Fantasy Regular Season and Fantasy Playoffs. By awarding half-points for every point a Fantasy backup quarterback scores, you make the position more important, and you keep from having to go to a full Two-QB league, which changes everything. Turns out, he did just fine and while hes still learning the process of what it takes to be a fantasy owner, there is no doubt hes a better owner than some guys who I have played with for years. Of course, for the Super Bowl, theres no home field advantage, as its played on a neutral playing field. College Football Coach Lane Kiffin's Yoga Classes Are Fully Sold People may take a yoga session designed to challenge and distort the body* while soothing the mind [] Closest score to Yahoos projection, Starting TE closest to 69 yards. Fantasy players are gamers at heart. Week 6 - The Clifford Franklin - SMILF. Thats mostly been for my own sanity and keeping with the times. Welcome to our fantasy over/under challenge! A friend of mine said he knew someone who never played fantasy football but loves the NFL. - Team with the most points from RBs (RB 1&2, flex not included) Week 5 - Dirty 30 - Team with any starter closest to 30 points (over or under) Week 6 - Top Scorer - Bench points not included. But a Fantasy Football owner loses his NFL QB in the first quarter and hes screwed for the entire weekend. Some other ideas: Playing beer pong to decide who gets to draft when seems like an AWESOME idea. Make the smaller leagues entry fees about one-quarter of what the fees are for the big league, helping keep that league stocked with potential. Rather than having a tight end mix into your flex position (what a waste! Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion for this year. 1 will be "team with the most points in a loss", /r/fantasyfootball - Good For Your Season, Press J to jump to the feed. Granted, in the first league, I have made dictator-type decisions when it comes to rules that no one has really cared about. $5 Weekly Challenges for the first 16 Weeks ($80) for a grand total of $155 one could possibly win. As you can see, there are endless ideas to improve your league and staying on top of things will keep people coming back for more. Here are some ideas on how to make the Fantasy postseason even better. (Someone also drafted Curtis Enis, HA!) McCaffrey played a pivotal role down the stretch of the regular season, rushing for at least 105 yards in three of his final five games, scoring four rushing touchdowns during that stretch. Now, that second tier of tight ends really mean something, and sleeper tight ends can start being drafted. 12 Team, 20 Rounds. Also, try to make the keeper round an even-numbered round, so you dont reward whoever wins the first overall pick with the first keeper pick, too. This is when a team manager adds then drops a series of players, putting those players on waivers and making them inaccessible to other team managers. Maybe make it so that the first six teams to pay their fees get a 10-percent discount and the last three teams have to pay a 20-percent penalty? Make your league elite! Help your league stand out from the others! Hey, Im an old school Fantasy player, so kickers hold a special place in my old decrepit heart (I once drafted Donald Igwebuike, for goodness sake!). One of our personal favorites comes from the Midwest, where one man's fantasy squad suffered a tragic fate thanks to a rare below-average Patrick Mahomes year and a Week 8 injury to Derrick Henry. Week 4: Last Laugh - Score the lowest amount of points. By not allowing owners to make free-agent pickups after the draft, forcing them to wait until after the first two weeks of the season are over, then the worst teams in the league suddenly get a chance to add a superstar to their teams. Is there anything worse than losing your first-round pick to a torn ACL in Week 4? 1 Overall Draft Picks in Fantasy Football (Back to 1971). Doesnt it suck if a backup player has a huge game and youre unable to benefit from it? A few years ago, the commissioner of a league Im in just kind of wiped out half of the owners and replaced those owners with a whole new set. deana jennings obituary, air force complaints resolution program supplemental guide,